Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bohemian Island - Aztec Harem Pants

A couple of week ago I was very kindly sent a pair of 'Turquiose Aztec Harem Pants' from Bohemian Island for me to review. My close friend's introduced me to the brand and other than having awesome 'hippie pants' I also saw that they donate 10% of every Harem Yoga Pants sale to the 'Soi Dog Foundation'.

 I love how comfy they are, the waist and leg hems are elasticated so, I can wear them lounging around the house and occasionally out to the supermarket or when I'm travelling. They are 100% cotton so, cool and breathable!

I also love the pocket, it's a really cool detail, it's useful to store small items in and I love how they've placed the pattern on it!!

I'm trying really hard not to fall in the lake!!

A few friends have found as you wear them quite baggy that the stitching in the crotch can break - I have not found this although, even if it does, stitching it up would be no problem!

Thank you for reading and thank you to Bohemian Island!! You can go check out their other items and find out more information at

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