Monday, 8 June 2015

Meal Monday: Perfect Student Curry

 Today, I had a curry. It was Jalfrezi with chicken and rice and a few additional ingredients. I have this meal at least once a week because it's really easy, relatively quick and also, cheap to make. I would normally use a Rogan Josh sauce but, they unfortunately had none in the local shop and also, I sometimes add some chilli if I have it around!

I started off by cutting up the tomatoes, potato and chicken. I add the potato and tomato to add more texture and to make it a little more filling (got inspiration from vegetable curries.) Then, I started cooking the chicken in a pan with a little oil and garlic the chicken.

When the chicken was cooked I added the microwave cooked potato and chopped and de-seeded tomato (with some extra garlic). I let the entire pan simmer with the Jalfrezi sauce for about 10-15 minutes whilst the rice was cooking, whilst the pan was simmering I also added a few pieces of frozen cauliflower (another idead taken from take-away vege-curries.)

Curry served on basmati rice
So, the final product is really filling and really tasty! (Not really sure if it looks that way.)
Thank You for reading :)

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