Friday, 26 June 2015

Drift - Wood/ Distressed DIY technique

I found some interesting decor pieces at 'the range' whilst with my mum. there were three items all of the same/similar style applied. I love these pieces put all together as they are all quite different but come together because of the colour of the wood. (I think the little graphic art is a little possessive but, I liked the style too much to not get it!)

Original bought pieces - Inspiration

 These pieces inspired me to try and make my own technique on some existing pieces of furniture/ items I have. I wanted to create a sort of distressed/ drift wood/ nautical style and I applied it to an old pine mirror - a hand me down from my mum)  which has an interesting shape to try and work around and had a craft 'treasure box' which I've had for quite a few years, waiting for a DIY project such as this!

Finished Box
Finished Mirror

I don't have pictures of the process sadly but, I think they turned out pretty great. I started by staining the wood with a dark (walnut) wood stain (Ronseal 'Satin Walnut' Wood Stain) and then on top I used liming wax (Coldron Refined Liming Wax), it took me quite a while and in between coats I would have a go with sandpaper to try and distress the pieces. My finished items do not look identical to the wall art but. I like the way they have turned out and it felt like a very artistic process. Thank you for reading :)

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