Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Decor Day: Student Halls Decoration (Tour)

It's very exciting that I've almost come to the end of my first year at university and my first year living in student halls. My room when I moved in was very bland, and had blue carpet and walls, this did not feel homely, it was sad and I had to do something about it.

With my room came a huge but, very ugly pin-board so, to brighten it up I covered it in polka-dot wrapping paper (around 2-3 rolls) and then pinned up my favourite photos from my travels. Throughout the year I have been pinning up a random assortment of items for example, some bulb-like fairy lights from next and a row of cards from my birthday.

I definitely think decorating the pin-board made everything feel more homely but, I would also suggest to anyone to get some bedding they really love and that matches other items in their room because the pin board and my bed are the main features of my room.

My bedding is the same stuff I bought at the beginning of the year (shown in my haul), and the only new addition is the geometric fleece blanket (from primark) over my bolster pillow. My bed, after I made with all the pillows, was very comfy and I can sadly say I spent many days in it watching netflix and avoiding going outside (especially when it was raining.)

So, I hope this helps anyone who needs a little bit of simple inspiration and thank you for reading :)

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