Thursday, 23 April 2015

Soap and Glory Skincare [Review]

So, I have been wanting to try a new skincare regime to try and keep my skin under control. My skin is not bad but, I do get hormonal breakouts and I do have blackheads. I am in the past used the Clinque three step blemish range but, was too steep to buy it again. Consequently, when I saw in my local boots that some of the soap and glory range was on offer I decided to give it a go .

All the products I used 

From left to right, Soap and Glory: Face soap and Clarity clenser (£6 - on offer), Greatest Scrub (£6 -on offer), Drama Clean Cleansing Water (£6) and lastly, Daily Youth Moisture lotion (£12).

Moisture Lotion
 Day One
My first impression of most of the products was okay. The scrub was very fine which felt quite nice and like it would really clean out my pores, I will probably use it at most every other day as it did leave me with quite a bit of redness. The cleansing water was also very refreshing and smelt of cucumber which was oddly comforting. The one I am unsure of is the moisture lotion, it was very thick and didn't absorb into my skin very easily, it smelt like peaches so it kind of felt like trying to rub yoghurt into my skin and then just leaving it to hope it absorbs over time. I was also slightly disappointed in the size. For £12 for a mid range brand I felt like more than 50ml would have been nice. 

Day Seven
 So, after a week my skin is pretty much the same but, this could be due to it taking a bit longer than that for new products to take effect. I felt after a while that the face soap was too soapy, a bit strange, but, it left a sort of soapy film all day which wasn't so great. Also, the moisture lotion is okay, if used directly after the cleansing water to sort of, water it down. In conclusion, I probably won't be repurchasing as I don't feel like the products are worth it for the price and I want to find something I really love.


Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sally Hansen, Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthener

I decided to pick this product up as I have quite thin nails. It made my nails look shiny and healthy which was a great positive! Unfortunately, I have ridges on my nails but, after a few coats they are completely concealed by the nail varnish. It did chip a little too easily for my liking but, it is better than most clear nail polishes I have tried.