Saturday, 30 August 2014

University Haul (Tesco clubcard Boost) - Part One


I am off to start my first year of university in a few weeks and I recently bought some things from Tesco direct. I was able to buy all the things with my parents clubcard vouchers which were double the value. The link to that information is here.

Below is an image from the first batch of things I bought, The total cost was around £70 to £80. I was originally not going to buy a printer until I was at university and know I definitely needed one but, with the deal I thought I might as well as, it's effectively free to me (sorry mum and dad.) I also bought; a two pack of pillows and pillow protectors, a bolster pillow (for against the wall), four oxford notebooks (they are my favorite and also on sale for £2 each), an academic diary and some black biros.

In my second batch I bought, a feather print duvet cover, mattress protector, two pillow cases and two fitted sheets. The total cost coming to £22.

Here is a close up of the feather print, the colours from the duvet set may be incorporated through my room if I ever buy any decorations or cover my pin-board, Also, I am going to wash the sheets, pillow cases etc. before I leave so they are softer and more comfortable.

Thank you for reading 


  1. Ooh this is really helpful knowing what you are getting and how much it was! You should do a blog tour of your dorm room when you move in! :3

  2. That's such a great idea :D there will probably be a few DIYs that go on during my first few weeks too :D xxx

  3. I really like this, I found is really useful!! I don't suppose you can do something regarding guys rooms; cause I have no idea what to do :(

      I made a post about guy's rooms for you, take a look :D