Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nijmegen Marches 2012 'De 4 daagse'

I swear whilst I was walking it didn't feel
like there were this many people around me
Almost a year ago, I embarked on my training to prepare myself for the Nijmegen marches. I did the marches with a team from my school. For the training we did several 25 mile walks and one 50 mile walk, over two days.
 Before actually travelling to Holland I was petrified. The thought of having to walk when I know I would be in pain, scared me a lot! But now, I have no regrets. I completed the marches and have no permanent injuries and for that I am proud.

 I am also amazed that I managed to get through not only my own negative emotions but also those of the people around me. To get through the day I would just shout and wave at the people at the side of road. Oh, and the SWEETS! Little children handing out sugary snacks really helped me keep my head.

 One of the most memorable parts of the walk was when my team and another one joined together at a rest stop, to show off our dancing to 'Follow the leader' and the 'Macarena.' The reason it was so memorable was; before the dancing everyone was so down from the rain and soaked so, the dancing improved every-body's mood and helped us keep going.

I am proud of my whole team and anyone else who completed the four days.