Monday, 3 August 2015

Meal Monday: Cauliflower and Lentil Stew & Vegan Sausage Rolls

I recently tried out two recipes and loved them! I did find that with the cauliflower stew because all the ingredients are not necessarily in season, it seemed quite expensive but, after making it I realised that it could serve around 8 meals so, the cost per portion is quite low.

The cauliflower and lentil stew I found 'here'. I found it when looking for vegetarian slow cooker recipes as I don't have much experience with using one and wanted to try out a deep flavoured vegetable meal. The website also has hob instructions which will be great when I'm back at university and don't have access to my parents' slow cooker. I also swapped out the kale for spring greens as the spring greens were in season and cheaper and I tend to prefer them. Despite the recipe saying 8 hours on 'low' I did have to leave mine for an extra hour or two because the lentils weren't quite tender enough.
In the end I loved the meal and I loved the use of chilli and didn't really feel a need to add any sour cream when serving it. In my picture all the dry lentils have sunk to the bottom but, I promise they're in there!

This picture is before cooking, everything is really fresh!

I also made vegan sausage rolls from this recipe 'here'. The sausage rolls were really good, they had a risotto taste from the mushrooms and white wine and were really good warm! I forgot to add the mustard so mine were a little too dry to eat cold but, warmed through they tasted great. I also used a Sainsbury's lower fat puff pastry (not sure whether vegan or not) but, the Jus-Rol pastry is definitely vegan as far as I am aware. I have also seen online some vegan puff pastry recipes but, for a simple meal I thought it was too much effort to go through and I was scared it wouldn't work!

Mushroom filling!

I had a lot of fun making these and I feel like they are healthier alternatives to what I might have otherwise eaten. Thank You for reading!!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bohemian Island - Aztec Harem Pants

A couple of week ago I was very kindly sent a pair of 'Turquiose Aztec Harem Pants' from Bohemian Island for me to review. My close friend's introduced me to the brand and other than having awesome 'hippie pants' I also saw that they donate 10% of every Harem Yoga Pants sale to the 'Soi Dog Foundation'.

 I love how comfy they are, the waist and leg hems are elasticated so, I can wear them lounging around the house and occasionally out to the supermarket or when I'm travelling. They are 100% cotton so, cool and breathable!

I also love the pocket, it's a really cool detail, it's useful to store small items in and I love how they've placed the pattern on it!!

I'm trying really hard not to fall in the lake!!

A few friends have found as you wear them quite baggy that the stitching in the crotch can break - I have not found this although, even if it does, stitching it up would be no problem!

Thank you for reading and thank you to Bohemian Island!! You can go check out their other items and find out more information at

Friday, 26 June 2015

Drift - Wood/ Distressed DIY technique

I found some interesting decor pieces at 'the range' whilst with my mum. there were three items all of the same/similar style applied. I love these pieces put all together as they are all quite different but come together because of the colour of the wood. (I think the little graphic art is a little possessive but, I liked the style too much to not get it!)

Original bought pieces - Inspiration

 These pieces inspired me to try and make my own technique on some existing pieces of furniture/ items I have. I wanted to create a sort of distressed/ drift wood/ nautical style and I applied it to an old pine mirror - a hand me down from my mum)  which has an interesting shape to try and work around and had a craft 'treasure box' which I've had for quite a few years, waiting for a DIY project such as this!

Finished Box
Finished Mirror

I don't have pictures of the process sadly but, I think they turned out pretty great. I started by staining the wood with a dark (walnut) wood stain (Ronseal 'Satin Walnut' Wood Stain) and then on top I used liming wax (Coldron Refined Liming Wax), it took me quite a while and in between coats I would have a go with sandpaper to try and distress the pieces. My finished items do not look identical to the wall art but. I like the way they have turned out and it felt like a very artistic process. Thank you for reading :)

Monday, 22 June 2015

Meal Monday - Quinoa and Potato

I've been trying out some exciting original vegan recipes recently. Today I mixed some potato with quinoa and a variety of vegetables and spices and came out with the dish below.

I added in some of my favourite vegetables  (peppers and courgette) very near the end so they were still firm. I also added in lots of chilli powder, coriander and a small amount of chopped tomatoes.

I felt it was quite nutritious but, I think I'm definitely going to work on the flavours some more! Thank you for reading! :)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Decor Day: Student Halls Decoration (Tour)

It's very exciting that I've almost come to the end of my first year at university and my first year living in student halls. My room when I moved in was very bland, and had blue carpet and walls, this did not feel homely, it was sad and I had to do something about it.

With my room came a huge but, very ugly pin-board so, to brighten it up I covered it in polka-dot wrapping paper (around 2-3 rolls) and then pinned up my favourite photos from my travels. Throughout the year I have been pinning up a random assortment of items for example, some bulb-like fairy lights from next and a row of cards from my birthday.

I definitely think decorating the pin-board made everything feel more homely but, I would also suggest to anyone to get some bedding they really love and that matches other items in their room because the pin board and my bed are the main features of my room.

My bedding is the same stuff I bought at the beginning of the year (shown in my haul), and the only new addition is the geometric fleece blanket (from primark) over my bolster pillow. My bed, after I made with all the pillows, was very comfy and I can sadly say I spent many days in it watching netflix and avoiding going outside (especially when it was raining.)

So, I hope this helps anyone who needs a little bit of simple inspiration and thank you for reading :)

Monday, 8 June 2015

Meal Monday: Perfect Student Curry

 Today, I had a curry. It was Jalfrezi with chicken and rice and a few additional ingredients. I have this meal at least once a week because it's really easy, relatively quick and also, cheap to make. I would normally use a Rogan Josh sauce but, they unfortunately had none in the local shop and also, I sometimes add some chilli if I have it around!

I started off by cutting up the tomatoes, potato and chicken. I add the potato and tomato to add more texture and to make it a little more filling (got inspiration from vegetable curries.) Then, I started cooking the chicken in a pan with a little oil and garlic the chicken.

When the chicken was cooked I added the microwave cooked potato and chopped and de-seeded tomato (with some extra garlic). I let the entire pan simmer with the Jalfrezi sauce for about 10-15 minutes whilst the rice was cooking, whilst the pan was simmering I also added a few pieces of frozen cauliflower (another idead taken from take-away vege-curries.)

Curry served on basmati rice
So, the final product is really filling and really tasty! (Not really sure if it looks that way.)
Thank You for reading :)